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About the Oral Health Center

The Oral Health Center by Dear Doctor is designed to provide your members with the preventive wellness information they need to achieve the best possible oral health and avoid costly dental problems. Accessed through your company website, the Oral Health Center features more than 100 pages of informative, scientifically accurate content written in an engaging, easy-to-understand style. High-definition videos and detailed illustrations help bring the subject matter to life. The Oral Health Center is fully searchable and branded for you, with your company’s colors and logo appearing throughout. Yet because it is hosted by Dear Doctor, you won’t have to expend any staff resources on creating content or managing the site... Watch Video

Key Features & Highlights

Branded for Your Company

Branded for Your Company

Members visiting the Oral Health Center will see your familiar company colors and logo, along with links to your social media sites.

Extensive Content Library

Extensive Content Library

Your Oral Health Center will have more than 100 pages of content, providing a wealth of information on preventive dentistry and common procedures.

High-Quality Videos and Illustrations

High-Quality Videos & Illustrations

Content pages feature engaging high-definition videos and anatomically accurate medical illustrations to help bring the information to life.

Frequent and Automatic Updates

Frequent & Automatic Updates

You won’t have to worry about content going stale because it is constantly being updated by Dear Doctor for a fresh look and feel.

Integrated Search Functionality

Integrated Search Functionality

Your Oral Health Center’s built-in search capabilities allow your members to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Whether it is viewed on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, your company’s wellness content will always look great and be fully searchable.

Hosted and Supported

Hosted & Supported

Dear Doctor’s technical staff will keep your Oral Health Center up and running smoothly, freeing your IT staff to focus on other priorities.

Monthly Web Traffic Reports

Monthly Web Traffic Reports

Dear Doctor will e-mail you a monthly report detailing your online Oral Health Center's traffic, so you'll know exactly how your members are utilizing it.

Enhanced Communication With Your Members

In addition to providing you with an exceptional educational resource, Dear Doctor also helps you communicate with your members regularly to keep them engaged. We create short, newsworthy wellness items that you can use to populate your member newsletters and social media sites. These eye-catching briefs link back to your Oral Health Center, where interested members can learn more about that particular subject—and the many other wellness topics available to explore. It’s a great way to engage your members and ensure that they are aware of the great preventive-healthcare resource you have provided them via the Oral Health Center.

Newsletter Content

Coming up with engaging newsletter content need not take up any of your time—if you let Dear Doctor do it for you! Use our catchy briefs to convey important wellness information while highlighting the value of the Oral Health Center.

Email Newsletter Content

Social Media Content

These days, it’s important to keep your Facebook page, Twitter feed and other social media sites current and fresh. And that’s easy to do with posts provided by Dear Doctor—all of which link back to in-depth articles at the Oral Health Center.

Facebook and Social Media Content

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